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Managing inventory is one of the most important tasks any retailer must be able to do. For auto dealerships, however, managing inventory is much more involved than moving boxes from warehouses to shelves. For them, inventory means vehicles weighing thousands of pounds each. Getting those vehicles to and from their various locations safely and quickly requires a degree of logistical skill that exceeds the typical retailer’s. Fortunately for car dealerships that need dealer-to-dealer auto transport help, Stateway Auto is there for them. Our comprehensive dealer auto transport services help our customers by transporting cars for dealerships easily, securely and affordably. No matter why a car dealership may need to move inventory between locations — whether it’s to prepare for a year-end closeout or to replenish inventory on the lot — Stateway Auto has the dealership transport services that can help them.


How Stateway Auto’s Dealership Transport Works

Dealerships across the country have come to rely on Stateway Auto for auto transportation services they can trust. Our knowledgeable service team helps dealerships find the carrier they need from our extensive network of fully insured and bonded carriers. Stateway Auto has the most competitive rates in the industry, with no hidden fees and no upfront deposit required. With our more than 99 percent customer satisfaction rating, dealerships can rest assured that their precious inventory will be in good hands from start to finish.


Whether dealerships need to transport inventory between their own locations to restock their lots or to facilitate a trade between dealerships, Stateway Auto makes the entire process easy. After they contact our service team, we work to find them the most convenient and affordable options through our network of qualified and experienced carriers.


We help dealerships arrange for pickup and delivery at the most convenient and expedient times for them. Each vehicle is covered bumper to bumper, so dealerships can rest assured that their inventory will get where it needs to go without damage or loss. Dealerships know that when they choose Stateway Auto to assist them with transport services, their inventory will stay in as good a condition as if they had remained on the lot.


The Stateway Auto Difference

No matter why a dealership needs to move its inventory, it can be an extremely complicated and involved process. There’s a lot on the line. Ensuring that dealership transports are performed smoothly and affordably is crucial for the success of any auto dealership. Stateway Auto excels at dealer-to-dealer auto transport.

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