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When you have to get your car to a destination quickly, obviously the best option is to take it out on the open road yourself and enjoy the ride. Though when you can’t for whatever reason, contact Stateway Auto. Our express auto shipping is the next best option to driving your car yourself and opening it up on the highway. Thanks to our access to a national network of carriers, we can provide fast auto transport that will have your car or cars at their final destination as quickly as possible. Whether you’re relocating to another city and need your car ASAP or you’ve just scored your dream car at an auction and can’t wait to get it home, the express auto transport services from Stateway Auto can make the entire process a breeze.

Stateway Auto is the best solution for anyone who needs to transport a vehicle or vehicles, any time, throughout the nation. Whether you’re a car owner looking to move your vehicle to another state; a buyer who has just purchased a car at an auction and needs a way to move it; or a dealership that needs to transport inventory to another site, we can help. Through the large pool of skilled drivers who work with us, we’re able to connect you with a reliable, experienced transportation provider wherever you need to go.

Below are some of the key clients we serve:

  • Individuals: Relocate your car or cars with door-to-door enclosed car transportation from our experienced professionals. Whether you choose standard, premium or express transport, you can count on us to get your vehicle(s) moved safely and efficiently.
  • Classic Car Transport:Your classic car is too precious to trust to just anyone. Let Stateway Auto take it where it needs to go through one of the dependable, professional carriers in our network. With our premium service, we offer a higher level of protection in your transport
  • Exotic Car Transport: The drivers who work with us are experienced at moving even the most exotic cars, from Ferraris to Bentleys to a classic Rolls Royce. Our premium service ensures you get the ultimate protection.
  • Dealership Shipping: Keep a steady supply of inventory available at your dealership by letting us transport the cars you need to meet your customers’ supply and demand.
  • Auto Auction Transport: If you buy or sell a car (or cars) at auction, you’ll need a way to get them transported. We provide reliable auto auction transport to send your car exactly where it needs to go.
  • Non-Running Vehicle Transport: We also specialize in moving inoperable vehicles in local or cross-country moves. If you’ve got a nonworking car to transport, talk to us.

At Stateway Auto, we specialize in fast and stress-free vehicle transport of all kinds.

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Need to move a car? Stateway Auto is the provider you can trust. Contact us today to request a free quote and/or to schedule vehicle transport.

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