How do I know I can trust your company with my car?

Office StaffStateway Auto Transport Inc. is a fully insured, licensed and bonded corporation that has been doing honest and reliable business since 1992. Over this period of time, we have earned a unique reputation for being trustworthy, knowledgeable and cost efficient for our customers. Unlike so many of our competitors who make extravagant claims just to to take your money, we can back up our well earned name with solid facts.

First, we are a carrier, which means that we have insurance coverage and own our own trucks. Not only are we insured, but we are covered up to one million dollars which means that your car rides safe with us. A lot of companies claiming to be carriers say that they are insured but few really are. The majority of “auto transport companies” who populate this industry happen to be just brokers who never even see a truck! They just push off the responsibility to your vehicle unto some driver whom they never even met just so they can charge your deposit. Don't believe us? Check out the FMSCA and find out for yourself. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a government regulated branch within the Department of Transportation (DOT) and besides deciding who gets a license and who doesn't, they also provide the general public with a company's insurance, license and bond information.

Unfortunately, most people are completely unaware of these important facts. Indeed, it is a scary thought to know that not only are many unlicensed impostors posing as carriers and getting away with it but also that a large mass of brokers claiming to be fully insured and bonded actually have no insurance at all! To research the compliance of a particular company, simply visit the FMCSA website at and click on Licensing & Insurance, then in the text box, fill out a company's “Docket Number,” also referred to as the “MC Number.” If a company does not have an MC Number, and many do not, then you can also use its "USDOT" number to pull up complete and detailed documentation of that company's operating authorities (licenses) and insurance as well as other vital truths. This will help you sort out the facts. Stateway Auto Transport Inc. is registered under MC-804149.

We understand that your car is one of your most prized possessions and we firmly believe that anyone entrusting such an asset into the hands of a complete stranger ought to have some kind of reassurance. It is okay to deal directly with either trucking companies or brokers, but it is crucial to make sure that if someone tells you they own their own trucks, that they actually do! Knowing where your car is while in transit is also an important service which many companies simply do not offer. We provide our customers with a unique Vehicle Tracking Service, where they can login and know the exact location of their car at any given time. If you happen to not be the computer-friendly type, then simply call our office and we will be glad to inform you of your vehicles position.

Stateway Auto Transport Inc. believes that it is in the best interest of anyone ready to ship their vehicle to take the proper precautionary steps before signing it over. By providing this information we hope that you now have the necessary tools in order to make the most secure decision. Thank you.

*If you wish to provide us your information over the phone, then simply call our toll free number at 1-877-848-7474.

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You folks did a great job getting my truck here. You picked it up in a timely manner and your driver was very courteous. I would give you folks a 5 on this job.


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How do I know where my vehicle is after it has been picked up?

We offer a unique and truly revolutionary “Vehicle Tracking Service.” This means that you can log in at any time and find out exactly where your vehicle is! If you do not wish to download this program, then feel free to call us anytime and we will be glad to inform you of your vehicle's location. This way, you do not have to loose sleep worrying about the shipment of your personal p...

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