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QuoteGetting a quote for shipping your vehicle could be a difficult mission; finding one that is accurate and low, a painstaking burden. After being in the transportation industry for as many years as we have, you would also understand and disapprove of how many companies operate their pricing. When a person commits to shipping their vehicle they usually go to a quoting site which advertises itself as a transportation company. Next they fill out their information and click the send button thinking that this particular company will respond to their request.

What happens next is that same company brokers out your request for a quote to anywhere from ten to twenty other brokers and/or carriers, for a small fee of one to five dollars per request. From that moment on, your decision to move a vehicle becomes known to a wide variety of companies. Anyone that has gone through this process knows how frustrating it is to be bombarded with e-mails, telephone calls and sometimes even faxes by numerous companies advertising their services and competing for your business.  

Stateway Auto Transport Inc. set up this website for two primary purposes: to shed some light on the auto transportation industry and to provide a place where people looking to ship their vehicles can get fast, honest and dependable quotes. We believe that opposed to throwing automatically-generated and unstable prices at our customers, it is much better to calculate all of the factors (distance, type of vehicle, fuel/toll costs, pickup date, etc.) and accommodate those interested in transporting their vehicle with a solid yet reliably low quote.

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  1. Fill out the form on the left side of the page. Be sure to fill out all fields
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  3. Immediately after our Quoting Department constructs a quote, we will send you an e-mail detailing all of the information. If you choose to be contacted by phone we will do so promptly.

Please keep in mind that the quote is absolutely free and there is no obligation to use our services.

*If you wish to provide us your information over the phone, then simply call our toll free number at 1-877-848-7474.

Customer Comments

You folks did a great job getting my truck here. You picked it up in a timely manner and your driver was very courteous. I would give you folks a 5 on this job.


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How do I know where my vehicle is after it has been picked up?

We offer a unique and truly revolutionary “Vehicle Tracking Service.” This means that you can log in at any time and find out exactly where your vehicle is! If you do not wish to download this program, then feel free to call us anytime and we will be glad to inform you of your vehicle's location. This way, you do not have to loose sleep worrying about the shipment of your personal p...

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